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It is mainly engaged in domestic and foreign trade in the field of pesticide chemicals. The products include: herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, pesticide intermediates and chemical products.

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The main crop pest species and hazard characteristics...

網站編輯:admin │ 發表時間:2018-04-26 

On July 31, 2014, the Department of Science, Technology and Education of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Finance Department organized relevant experts to conduct research in the “Study on the Characteristics of Harmful Species and Occurrence Hazards of Major Crops” (200903004) of the public welfare industry (agriculture) special project led by our center in Beijing. Meeting acceptance. From the Ministry of Agriculture Science and Technology Development Center, the Ministry of Agriculture Finance and Accounting Service Center, the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Institute of Vegetables and Flowers, the Plant Protection Institute of the Hebei Academy of Agriculture and Forestry, and other organizations including management, finance and business of three experts took part in the inspection. The chief expert of this project, Chen Shengdou, first gave a comprehensive report to the acceptance expert group, the China Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China Agricultural University, Huazhong Agricultural University, Southwest University and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Plant Protection Station, Jiangsu Plant Protection Station and Qinghai Agricultural Technology. The main station conducted a special report. The acceptance expert group listened carefully to the report of the project and reviewed relevant information. After questioning and full discussion, it was considered that the project had completed various assessment indicators and research tasks as stipulated in the mission statement, and they unanimously agreed to pass the acceptance and the research results obtained by the project. Give a high evaluation. 

The inspection team believes that in the past five years, the project has focused on 15 major crops such as grain, cotton, oil, sugar, fruit, tea, and hemp in accordance with the established plan, focusing on surveys of pest species, distribution of major species, and important species. Research on hazardous damage assessment, major types of treatment measures, and detection and identification techniques were carried out. Significant progress was made: First, 3,238 species of major crop pests were identified, pest lists were sorted out, and related pest databases were initially established. The second is to clarify the regional distribution of 132 kinds of pests that have a major impact on agricultural production, and preliminary study of the characteristics of the occurrence of hazards; third is to carry out field trial assessment of 50 kinds of major harmful biological damage losses, and to clarify the different ecological areas and different harmful The loss of organisms and damages at different levels provides the basis for the scientific formulation of prevention and control indicators. Fourth, the formulation of 43 major pest control measures for major pests provides the basis for joint prevention and control and unified defense.

The project has established a total of 31 pest and disease detection and identification techniques and methods, organized and edited and published the “List of Major Crop Pests in China”, “List of Main Crop Weeds in China”, “Color Map of Farmland Weeds”, and “Concise Identification Manual of Major Crop Pests”. Series of books, and 34 monographs on "Planting of Harmful Pests of Major Crops in China", "Study on Harmful Losses of Major Pests and Harmful Organisms", "Countermeasures for Treatment of Major Pests of Crops", etc.; 208 papers published, 74 graduate students trained, appraised Out of the 12 results, 20 intellectual property rights were obtained; 3,120 grass-roots plant protection technicians were trained and the established assessment indicators were exceeded. The project has been used in more than 2000 counties (districts) in 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) across the country to promote the use of more than one billion mu of land, with significant social, ecological, and economic benefits. 

This project is a large-scale industry research project led by our center since 2009, 12 research and teaching units of China Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China Agricultural University, Nanjing Agricultural University, and 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) of plant protection agencies and 583 More than 3,000 scientific research experts and plant protection technicians from each county station participated in the project research work. The expert group believes that the implementation of the project will adopt a combination of scientific research, teaching, and promotion departments, give full play to the advantages of plant protection promotion system organization and the advantages of industrial technology system technology research and development, realize resource integration and information sharing, and provide lessons for other projects.         


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